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    Background is an essential yet often overlooked element of any artwork. A suitable background can turn good design into a great design and correspondingly moderate one into a good one. You can come up with a perfect background within minutes or squeeze something out in days

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    Every event of the year, we always get ourselves updated especially our computer desktops. Wallpapers give life to computers and on giving life, one becomes sensitive as to what day, season or occasion of the year it is already. When the feel of Spring is already oozing, what comes next is what also makes the kids so excited.

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    30 Eerie Halloween Wallpapers to Shudder on Your Desktops


    Advertise here with BSA Apple’s iPhone has been circling around the globe and so far it has been a hit especially the iPhone 4 . Its 5-megapixel camera solely flaunts its capacity to handle superb applications and thus, it deserves to have the best wallpapers.

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    30 New Illustrated iPhone Wallpapers to Download


    Advertise here with BSA When you say it’s “Abstract” , what comes first into one’s mind is that it has a deep meaning. It has its own language of conveying an artwork’s message to the viewer. Abstract is a composition of lines where it has its own degree of independence as said to be coming from visual references in the world.

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    30+ Cool Collection of Abstract Wallpapers


    Internet memes may seem like nonsense, a complete waste of time. That they’re something for people with nothing to do but to surf the net all day. But in actuality, these internet memes are big business.

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    Beautiful galaxy-like waves brushes for you to decorate your wallpapers and backgrounds! Use these abstract brushes to create extraordinary and explosive designs. And you can make it looks science fiction as well

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    Advertise here with BSA To some, it could be a wonder what Steampunk is. It sounds as though it were just something cool and modern. Yes, it is indeed but there is more to that.

    Original post:
    Free Classic-Like Yet So Cool Steampunk Wallpapers


    Advertise here with BSA It has always been cool to have Wallpapers saved for a collection especially when you would want to freshen up your desktops. For the day’s post, we take you to the splashing world of Dolphins.

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    30+ Amusing Dolphin Desktop Wallpapers


    Advertise here with BSA Desktop wallpapers represent what we feel and describe our mood. Changing your wallpaper to fit unto your mood is what most of us love to do. Choosing and realizing the right image that would fit perfectly seems too hard to find because of a number of beautiful wallpapers available all over the web nowadays

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    30 Stunning Cityscape Wallpapers


    Android Wallpaper: 40+ Free Designs For You To Download
    Rotating my desktop wallpaper has always been something I have found to be very fun and fulfilling. If you browse Designrfix’s wallpaper section you will see that we have put together over 15+ posts on wallpaper design. We have showcased everything from Apple wallpaper all the way to outer space themed wallpapers for your desktop, […]

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